Integrated remote sensing and GIS are widely used in groundwater mapping. Locating potential groundwater targets is becoming more convenient, cost effective than invasive methods and efficient with the advent of a number of satellite imagery. The nature of remote sensing-based groundwater exploration is to delineate all possible features connected with localization of groundwater. Our professional geologist team is able to provide the following –

  • Terrain Characterization and hydrological framework creation comprising
  • a verity of data (wells, time series, cross sections, volumes).
  • 3D sub-surface groundwater modelling
  • Hydro-geological mapping and aquifer delineation
  • Electrical resistivity survey for groundwater targeting
  • Groundwater simulation model preparation
  • Creation and visualization of 2D & 3D hydro-geologic models
  • classification of borehole logs
  • Establishing ground water monitoring station using Piezometer
  • Rainwater harvesting and artificial recharge planning in both rural and urban areas


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