The life of a mine does not start the day that production begins,but many years before,when the company sets out to explore for a mineral deposit. A good deal of time and money is spent simply looking for, locating and quantifying a promising mineral occurrence. We work onthe lines of internationally accepted exploration practices to provide in-depth estimations to use in resource reporting, bank able feasibilityas per JORC / NI43-101. Our team is experienced in using a range of complex 3D interpolation algorithms and estimations techniques.On the other hand, we prefer to put strong emphasison the geology as a driver for the estimation process.

  • Computer-based 3D or ebody modeling
  • Sectional,longitudinal and 3D modeling
  • Geo statistical analysis and block modeling
  • Resource Estimation and Classification
  • Competent Person Reports
  • Bank able Feasibility Reports
large volume of rocks based on a very limited amountof exploration data. Such "Guesstimates" are not comparable to a mineral inventory study. Wherever possible, we use a number of different analysis and evaluation methods to increase the voracity of your results.


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